Product and Accessories

Products & Accessories

ASH Clinic provides complete, end-to-end solutions for all types of hearing impairments and speech problems. We are a premier dispenser for all major hearing aid companies, renowned, both globally and domestically. We have partnered with the best companies to provide a wide range of hearing aid solutions at an affordable cost

For every patient that comes to us, we thoroughly diagnose and assess their levels of disabilities and provide appropriate solutions. For example, a patient with hearing loss, after meticulous diagnosis, is given a choice of three devices of various brands. It remains the patient’s prerogative to choose the best device fit for his requirement.

We refer to charitable institutes for Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids. We assist patients in finding the right ENT surgeon, finding the right equipment and finding sources of finances, like Trusts and Charitable Institutions. We also help the patient in post-surgical rehabilitation.


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