Our Story

Our Story

Founded by Ashwini and Vikas Raut in 1998 in Mumbai, ASH Clinic has been around for over two decades.

Ashwini Raut is a registered Audiologist who graduated in Audiology & Speech and Language Voice Pathology from Topiwala National Medical College (Nair Hospital), Mumbai. With over two decades of experience, she specializes in diagnosing and assessing children and adults of all age groups for any underlying neurological disorders that might affect their hearing and speech. Post diagnosis, she devises programs through which patients rehabilitate, improving their quality of life at home, and in society. She is especially interested in interacting with and treating children with learning difficulties due to hearing and speech impairments.

For two+ decades, Vikas Raut has been providing audiological and hearing aid support to audiologists and ENT surgeons. He has worked with reputed hearing aids companies like Oticon and Alps International.

ASH Clinic has state-of-the-art hearing and speech therapy centers in Mumbai, Thane and Goa providing high-quality service. We diagnose and resolve disorders pertaining to hearing, language and speech problems. Our reputed hearing aid brand partners ensure that we offer a wide range of affordable hearing devices and solutions.

We understand that every ear is unique and that one-size-fits-all is a myth when it comes to hearing aids. Hence, we understand your custom needs and do everything to give you the help you need. As hearing experts, we wish you better hearing and a better life.