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Resound is most Popular Hearing Aids Brand in the World

ReSound hearing aids are part of the The GN Group, the global leader in intelligent audio solutions. While ReSound is headquartered in Denmark, their hearing aids can be found in over 80 countries. ReSound prides itself on empowering people to hear more, do more, and be more than any individual ever though possible through innovative hearing aid solutions.

Buy Resound Hearing Aids Online

At Atharva Speech and Hearing Care Pvt Ltd (Ashclinic), we sell every model of ReSound hearing aids at deeply discounted prices. Our most popular ReSound hearing aids include the newly released ReSound LiNX Quattro line and the ReSound LiNX 3D Customs. ReSound manufactures hearing aids that contain all of the most popular features in today’s market including made-for-smartphone (bluetooth streaming), rechargeable, invisible design, tinnitus management, and more! The LiNX Quattro comes as a rechargeable hearing aid, encompassing bluetooth capability, while the LiNX custom hearing aids are so small they’re invisible to any observer.

Resound offers a wide range of Advanced Hearing Aids

ReSound is a brand offered by GN Hearing, which is the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer of hearing aids. ReSound was the first to offer Made-for-iPhone hearing aids, and it brought a drastic change in wireless hearing aids. ReSound was even the first to offer wireless accessories, eliminating the cumbersome ‘neck loops’ required to transmit audio signals to and from hearing aids.

ReSound has reworked its chip platform recently and now powers the high-end sound processing software for multiple hearing aids in the ReSound family. Compared with their previous technology platform, the new chip platform offers 50% more processing power and twice the memory. The platform now delivers beamforming directionality that enables improved speech understanding even in troubling background noise.

ReSound’s line of hearing aids are capable of serving all levels of hearing loss. Their model styles range from invisible in the canal to behind-the-ear solutions to accommodate users’ individual needs. Their hearing aids also offer options utilizing lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

ReSound One is the latest flagship offering from the franchise, and it has many software and hardware features that use the same smartphone app as previous generations of LiNX hearing aids. One inherits a strong foundation from LiNX, and with the introduction of M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear), it manages to improve sound quality, wind noise, and localization. According to ReSound, One can run up to 30 hours with a single three-hour charge.

Key Features of Resound Hearing Aids

1. M&RIC: This design, combined with the traditional hearing aids microphones, helps in naturally collecting sounds. It uses the shape of a patient’s ear to collect sounds naturally. This helps in getting an individualized and immersive hearing experience with great depth and direction.
2. Ultra focus: Patient-activated Ultra Focus uses a powerful combined directional pattern to focus on the speech. This provides an improvement of up to 30% in speech understanding when compared to All Access Directionality. Even in the toughest environments, patients will be able to focus on the speech without losing access to the sounds they hear at the moment.
3. Wrap Processing: It replicates the way our ears divide sounds naturally into distinct pitches. For the users, the biggest advantage is the remarkable purity of sound and near-zero distortion.


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