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Phonak is world’s leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers Brand

Phonak is one of the world’s leading providers of hearing aids. Phonak products can dramatically improve quality of life and reduce limitations created by hearing loss. Always on the leading edge of innovation, Phonak hearing aids prices come in a variety of styles to match your lifestyle needs and preferences, with various options. Phonak offers wireless and Bluetooth connectivity as well as rechargeable and traditional battery powered models. The brand also boasts the world’s only 100% invisible hearing aid, LyricTM by Phonak.

Phonak’s latest platform, Marvel, features RogerDirect™ compatibility and top rated rechargeable hearing aid that connects to almost any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, the Audeo Marvel.

Phonak’s Provides Premium Hearing Aid with Bluetooth

Phonak provides different hearing aids and hearing support options to suit a wide range of needs. Smartphone apps control some hearing aids and some have convenient charging options. The hearing aids prices are available to purchase only through Atharva Speech and Hearing Care Pvt Ltd (Ashclinic).

Phonak’s premium hearing aid is the Audeo Paradise, which includes the latest in speech enhancing technology, dynamic noise cancellation and motion sensor hearing. It is suitable for mild to profound hearing loss..

Phonak is Global Hearing Solutions Provider with the best Service all over India

Founded in 1947 in Zurich, Phonak gradually gained popularity over a period of time. The company acquired multiple additional hearing aids brands in 1985 and moved its headquarters to Switzerland. Phonak is known as an innovator in this field and has had many achievements in recent years.

In 2017, Phonak brought Audeo B-R to the world, which was the first hearing aid with a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Rechargeable hearing aids are popular and available for years now, but Phonak went a step ahead of the competition to introduce Audeo B-R, and it has helped users enjoy their experience for a longer period of time. Previously, consumers experienced problems because of the short battery life of the hearing aid, which lead to difficult situations. In some cases, inconsistent power output caused hearing aids to malfunction. However, with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, the troubles were significantly reduced. Consistent power output is the biggest advantage of lithium-ion battery technology.

Phonak offers a wide range of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

In 2018, the Audeo Marvel was introduced, which was the first-ever full-featured Bluetooth hearing aid. Their latest addition, Paradise, has tap control and an accelerometer for motion sensing. It is based on the PRISM chip that integrates multiple Bluetooth and even 2.4 GHz communication protocols on a standalone chip. This enables true hands-free calling and universal Bluetooth audio streaming.

Phonak is working closely with Advanced Bionics (AB) to integrate the much-needed universal Bluetooth connectivity technology in the cochlear implants sold by AB.

Key Features of Phonak Hearing Aids

  1. Variety of options offered: When you look at the options offered by Phonak, you’ll learn that they offer Behind The Ear (BTE), Receiver in the canal (RIC), and In the canal hearing aid (ITC) styles. So, you can choose one that suits your needs and makes you feel comfortable. Hearing aids for children: Most of the manufacturers cater to an audience that falls in the grown-up category. However, Phonak offers hearing aids for adults as well as for children.
  2. True Bluetooth hearing aids: It is an advantage in today’s world of technology. You might be happy with a hearing aid that does not offer wireless Bluetooth connectivity, but there are other benefits you’ll enjoy with the help of the same. This feature gives you the ability to stream audio from any of the Bluetooth-enabled audio devices across the world.
  3. Outstanding sound quality: When we talk about sound clarity and audio output, Phonak does not disappoint. It offers outstanding sound quality, and you’ll be able to hear every detail you want to hear.

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