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Octicon Global Leader in Intelligent Audio Solutions & Hearing Aids

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Oticon hearing aids are unique. Oticon offers discreet hearing aids with an easy-to-use, stylish and reliable charger. Simply set your hearing aids in their charger at night and wake up to fully powered devices.

The World’s Second Largest Hearing Aid Manufacturer

They’re designed to support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound, so they deliver excellent understanding of speech in noisy environments, with less effort. Oticon is the flagship brand of Demant A/S of Denmark.

Oticon hearing aids are manufactured by Demant A/S of Denmark, which is the world’s second-largest manufacturer for hearing aids. This section for founded by Hans Demant in 1904 for his wife suffering from hearing loss. Oticon is popular for producing innovative hearing aid technology. In 2016, the company delivered its first wireless ‘Internet-connected hearing aid’ with advances in sound processing to enhance superior hearing abilities.

Oticon has done extensive research on how the brain processes sound. The company launched the Velox technology platform in 2016 that powered the best-selling hearing aids in the offering. Velox introduced many proprietary sound processing algorithms designed to deliver BrainHearing, a trademark of Oticon. Oticon claimed BrainHearing gave users’ brain access to the full sound scene and supported the brain is working more effectively. Polaris is Oticon’s latest sound processing platform that delivers an improvement over BrainHearing. It offers a more powerful chipset along with an improved sound processing algorithm. The company claims Polaris delivers 30% more sound and makes the sound scene 60% clearer.

Key Features of Octicon Hearing Aids

1. Artificial Intelligence for speech improvement: Oticon has been a game-changer since the start of 2021 because it has started delivering the first-ever hearing aid that uses Artificial Intelligence to improve speech understanding. This is a leap over its competitors because other hearing aids manufacturers have worked on Machine Learning and AI platforms for other purposes, but improving speech understanding using AI is a futuristic technology that sets Oticon apart from the competition. This unique AI approach uses an onboard Deep Neural Network to process sound.

2. Wide variety Hearing Aids: Oticon is dedicated to making premium hearing aids programmed by an audiologist on the results of the hearing test. Oticon offers More and Opn S that can be tuned for various listening experiences. The variety offered to serve the entire spectrum of cases, ranging from mild to profound. These hearing aids come in all form factors and can be customized for children and first-time users.

3. Wireless apps and accessories: Oticon smartphone apps allow you to control your hearing aid programs with ease. You also get to transmit audio from your TV and phone directly to your hearing aids.
When we talk about accessories, you can get some of the best Hearing aid accessories for popular Oticon hearing aid models. Some of the loved accessories offered by the company are ConnectClip, TV Adapter 3.0, Oticon Charger, ConnectLine Streamer Pro, and more!


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