Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision


  • To consult and provide end-to-end solutions to people with hearing and speech impairments
  • To ensure patients get to live better and fuller lives
  • To make India free of hearing-impairment by supporting everyone with a disability

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  • To be a center of excellence, providing holistic hearing and speech therapy for patients of all ages
  • To create awareness of speech and hearing disabilities and show patients how these can be overcome
  • To assess children for speech and hearing disabilities and devise programs for them through expert-teacher-parents partnerships

Hearing loss can have a heavy impact on our lifestyle because we rely on our hearing abilities for our day-to-day tasks. A consult an ENT & Audiologist to rule out the cause of hearing loss. If your hearing loss is due to a problem in outer or middle ear it is medically treated either with medicine or surgery. If the problem is in the inner ear along with medicine you should use hearing aids so that your condition does not get worse. Using good-quality hearing aids will help you listen better and take good care of your hearing health. This will prevent your mild hearing loss from getting converted into moderate, severe, or profound hearing loss.

While choosing or shortlisting hearing aids, remember that not all hearing aids deal with the type of hearing loss you might be suffering from at the moment. Hearing aids offer multiple features, and you should compare them while selecting a hearing aid. Talk to an Audiologist and learn about your condition before you start looking for hearing aids. Random selection, in this case, is not going to help you.