Insio 7Nx ITC


Discrete In-The-Ear Hearing Aids!

Signia Insio Nx is an ITE style hearing aid with upgraded technology and “Own Voice Processing” (OVP) with prices starting as low as $1,299 each — a tremendous value for a tailor-made, custom hearing aid built just for you! The Insio Nx is an “In-The-Ear” (ITE) custom-molded hearing solution specifically contoured to fit your ear canal. We typically recommend this style for those already familiar with and are accustomed to wearing this type of hearing aid. Insio Nx is suited for those with a mild all the way to profound hearing loss.

Insio Nx Features

Insio Nx contains many recently upgraded features for clearer and more natural hearing:

  • Own Voice Processing (OVP) – Detects and adjusts the sound of your own voice differently than other speech sounds resulting in a more natural listening experience particularly in ITE style hearing aids.
  • Ultra HD e2e – Both hearing aids continuously communicate with each other to provide a truly binaural and natural listening experience.
  • Optivent (Optional) – improves ear ventilation and provides more natural, feed-back free sound.
  • Tinnitus Control Option – reduces annoying “ringing-in-the-ears” to provide more comfortable hearing.
  • Virtually Invisible Design – “in-the-ear” design combined with a choice of colors to match your skin tone.

Signia Insio is Ideal For:

  • Individuals with mild to profound hearing loss.
  • Suitable for quiet to demanding listening environments.
  • Options available.
    • CIC (Completely in the Canal)
    • ITC (In the Canal)
    • ITE (In the Ear)
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Signia Insio Nx is an ITE style hearing aid with upgraded technology and “Own Voice Processing” (OVP)

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