• Widex Puresound with Zerodelay Technology powered by New Moment Platform,
  • TruAcoustics with Personal Gain Integrator,
  • Smallest Lithium ion In the Canal (RIC) hearing aid,
  • Pure link 2.0,
  • 15 Processing channels,
  • 15 Fine tuning channels,
  • High Definition (HD) locator in 15 channels,
  • Digital Pinna,
  • 11 Inter Ear (IE) Soud classes,
  • IE Variable Speed Compression,
  • Real Time Speech Enhancer (IE),
  • Smart Wind Noise Manager,
  • 5 listening programs,
  • High Frequency Boost,
  • Second generation Sound Sense Learn (SSL) and Real Life Insights (RLI),
  • New True input Technology – Widest Linear Input Dynamic Range (IDR),
  • Soft Level Noise Reducton (SLNR), Trusound softener,
  • TruSound Automatic Output Control (AOC),
  • Hammer detector, High resolution sensogram (9 fitting bands),
  • Sound Dairy, Audibility Extender (AE), Zen IE / Zen + IE, Reverse focus in Momemnt app,
  • Multi directional active feedback cancellation,
  • Speech/Music streaming template,
  • Direct Audio Streaming for IOS and Android (futur update),
  • Remote control ( via Widex Moment app / Tonelink app / Dex Devices) & Soundsense Adopt,
  • Compatible with all Dex acessories,
  • Fitted with new and improved Compass GPS 4.0 and Supported by WIDEX REMATE CARE.


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