Rexton M – Core SR80

Convenient lithium-ion rechargeability and a portable charging kit for full mobility.
M-Core SR hearing aids feature rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for hassle-free power. The M-Core SR  portable charging case enables on-the-go top-ups, for up to 4 days of use – so you can even easily enjoy a relaxed weekend trip without needing a power socket.

M-Core Features:
– My Voice
– Direct Audio Streaming to Phones
– Binaural Signal Processing
– Easily connects with smartphones*, TV and other devices
– Can be remotely controlled via remote or App

* Bluetooth® enabled


Hearing Aid M-Core SR 80
Technology Level Premium
Channels 48
Gain Handles 20
Hearing Programs 6
Speech Clarity 10/10
Listening Comfort 10/10
Direct Audio Streaming to iPhone Yes
My Voice Yes
Feedback Preventer High
Frequency Lowering Yes
Microphone-pattern Adjustment Premium
Reverb Reducer Yes
Music Enhancer Yes
Transient Noise Reduction Yes
Noise Management Yes
Wind Noise Cancellation Premium
Warranty (Years) 4
Launched Year (Platform) 2021 (Motion Core)


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