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Different Types of Hearing Aids & How They Work?

Hearing aids have a certain purpose for the user, and we all know that these hearing aids involve a microphone, amplifier circuitry, miniature loudspeaker, and batteries. The working of a hearing aid is simple. The microphone picks up the sound, amplifier circuitry makes the sound louder, and the miniature loudspeaker delivers the sound in the ear canal. The batteries power the electronic parts and ensure that the hearing aid is in working condition. Bluetooth hearing aids are even available for those who wish to stay connected to their devices wirelessly.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

With the basics clear, you have to understand that there are different types of hearing aids that an individual can use. A digital hearing aid can only be as good as it’s worth if you are comfortable using it. So, have a look at the following types of hearing aids and analyze which hearing aid will be ideal for your use.

Completely in the canal

This hearing aid is molded to easily fit inside the user’s ear canal. It helps in improving mild to moderate hearing conditions in adults. They are the smallest hearing aids and even the least visible. They are less likely to pick up wind noise. They use very small batteries, but they do not include additional features such as volume control or even a directional microphone.

Many hearing aid companies offer these mini hearing aids. If you are looking for a reputed option, in this case, check out Signia hearing aids that can serve the purpose.

In The Canal Hearing Aids

These hearing aids are custom molded and partly fir in the ear canal!

Like completely in the canal hearing aid, these hearing aids are suitable for mild to moderate hearing conditions in adults.

These hearing aids are larger than completely in the canal hearing aids but still less visible. They include a number of additional features that an individual can use for an added layer of comfort.

You will easily find this hearing aids in the market, and if you are planning to buy these hearing aids, start looking for an ear machine shop online.

In The Ear Hearing Aids

These hearing aids are offered in two styles – full shell and half shell. They are helpful for people suffering from mild to severe hearing conditions and are available with directional microphones.

Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

These hearing aids easily hook over the top of one’s ear and rests behind the ear. A tube connects it to a custom earpiece, and it fits in the user’s ear canal. These hearing aids are appropriate for individuals of all ages, and you can use them for every type of hearing loss – from mild to severe to profound. Look for these hearing aids, and you will not be disappointed to know the hearing aid price.

Receiver In Canal Hearing Aids

These hearing aids are similar to Behind The Ear Hearing Aid, but a tiny wire instead of a tube connects the speaker or receiver to the piece behind the ear.

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