EVOKE 330 (Standard BTE)


  • Real Life Hearing Powered by Machine Learning,
  • E-Platform, Soundsense Learn via Evoke app,
  • Trilink Technology, 12 Processing Channels, HD Locator (12 Channels),
  • 7 IE Sound Classes, Speech Enhancer (IE), Digital Pinna,
  • Soundsense Adapt (via Tonelink App, Dex Device),
  • Wind Noise Control, 4 Listening Programs,
  • Widest Linear Input Dynamic Range, Fluid Sound Analyzer,
  • New Sound Rationale, Fluid Sound Controller, Variable Speed Compression IE,
  • Soft Level Noise Reduction, Adaptation Manager,
  • True Sound Softener, High Resolution Sensogram,
  • Sound Dairy, Personal Audibilty Extender,
  • IE Zen/Zen+, Smart Speak, IE Volume Control & Program Shift,
  • Push Button (Perferences Control, Program Shift or Combination of Two),
  • Direct Stream with IPhone & Select IOS Devices, (via 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth Low Energy),
  • Com-Dex for Android Streaming, User Control (via Evoke App/ Tonelink App / Dex Devices),
  • T-Coil, ,Microphone Mode, Sharing Data/Cloud, Compatible with Remote MIC & Dex devices,
  • TV Play for Direct TV Streaming, Cros/BiCross.


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